Corporate Accounts/ House Accounts

The VIP Floral Designs works with many offices, restaurants, hotels, retail establishments in the Las Vegas area to fill their floral needs. 


A standing order can be scheduled to be delivered to your place of business each day, week or month according to your specifications of size, color, style and plan. Billing will be based on which payment option you choose:
1. Monthly Payment Plan: We will charge your credit card each month (on your anniversary date). For example, if your first delivery is on September 15th, your credit card will be billed on the 15th of every month moving forward.
2. Weekly Payment Plan: We will charge your credit card every week.
3. Daily Payment Plan: Your credit card will be charged every Monday for the full week


See Example:
 Plan (A)$49.99Plan (B)$85.99Plan (C)$135.99 - $500.00




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