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Choosing Wedding Flowers is a complex process in which you have to take into account many elements, from the wedding dress to the wedding theme. 

You have gone to great lengths to make this the most perfect day of your lives. Let VIP FLORAL DESIGNS (Las Vegas, NV) to add a touch of floral magic to leave that lasting impression in people’s minds.


If you are looking for perfection you have come to the right place, VIP Floral Designs is part of a family-owned business in Las Vegas, Nevada that brings together over 17 years floristry experience. Flowers are our business and wedding flowers are our passion. Let us create a floral masterpiece for your head table or simple but contemporary bouquet for you and your bridesmaids.

No budget is too big or small for us to create something special. We can dress your home, your church and your reception with inspirational floral designs. We will supply all the wedding party flowers – bouquets for the bride bridesmaids posies or baskets for the flower girls, fresh flower hair ornaments, boutonnieres, and corsages.

Why not come in and visit us for a consultation and together we will come up with something unique and wonderful for your Wedding.



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We’re truly looking forward to working with you to make the event you envisioned a reality.  Please give us a call today at 702-873-8731 to set up your free consultation or send us an email at vipfloraldesigns@aol.com 


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Discover in this material what colors are appropriate for each season, how the bride or the bride's bouquet should look and how you choose flowers for arrangements and decorations if you want a dominant color. 




Flowers suitable for various wedding themes


The theme you choose for your wedding must highlight your personality and passions. It is a mirror of your life, your ideas, and your desires. 

If you want a wedding as in stories relies on flower combinations in formal colors. You can choose orchids, roses, lilies or stephanotis. 

For a vintage wedding, instead, the recommended flowers are lavender, garden roses, protea, Craspedia, Tanacetum, chamomile or Veronica. 

A modern-day wedding will have white and red shades or pastels. 

The inspiration for your wedding theme can be found in the book, its season, why not, Favourite movie.


How to choose flowers by budget


To fit your budget with floral arrangements, it sets from the beginning a special amount for this and eliminates from the start bouquets and arrangements that go beyond your possibilities. 


But the flowers in the bride's bouquet are important, so do not discount the quality and always choose fresh flowers. 

But to optimize your budget, you can choose seasonal flowers that will be cheaper. Flowers with volume also help you save money because they will create rich arrangements without the florist having to use many threads.


What flowers you have to choose for the wedding


Here are the elements you need to consider when choosing the main bouquets and flowers for decoration:


The bride's bouquet


The first advice we can give you is to take into account your personality. It's an accessory meant to symbolize you, so give it a little personality. You can add a ribbon made from your mother's wedding dress or you can get a gem with a special meaning for you. It is the most intimate floral arrangement of the wedding, so it has to be spectacular. In addition to the personal element, it must match the decor of your event, your dress, or your height. A round bride bouquet is elegant and represents the most popular choice. Bulky flowers such as peonies and roses are used. You can also opt for a cascade bouquet, suitable for a voluminous dress. And one of the exotic flowers is best suited for a modern wedding.


The bridesmaid's bouquet


First, you should not distract the bride and have to contrast with the bride's bouquet. They are usually smaller.


The Maid Of Honor Bouquet 


It must be in chromatic contrast with the bride's bouquet, but also with the rest of the arrangements. If a bride's bouquet has bright colors, representing purity, the bride must be made of brightly colored flowers that symbolize maturity and wisdom. Red is a very popular color for this type of bouquet.


The Groom Boutonniere


Wear one or two flowers in harmony with the bouquet of the bride.




Top 10 Essential Questions to Ask Your Florist



How long do you make floral arrangements? - Asks for a portfolio of pictures from other events and looks for the company online. No one can hide from the truth in the Internet era; 


What can you offer me in this budget? - Set a budget to negotiate based on what you choose. The flower shop has a listed price, but you can also benefit from discounts if you are lucky; 


Which flowers are best suited for a quality/price? - see which is the cheapest variant and what quality flowers can offer you in your budget. Clever florists know how to do wonders with the season flowers;


Do you make sure the flowers are transported to the location? - It's normally a service included in the price, but you never know. Also, ask about the exact time of the shipment. It is unpleasant to get invitations before the flowers or find them willy; 


What flowers do they choose based on the theme of the wedding? - the florist can come up with spectacular ideas, based on experience and skill;


Do you have other events reserved for that date? - if the answer is yes, you have to make sure that they have enough staff to cover both events; 


Who deals with my arrangements on the wedding day? - Countless unpleasant events may occur. What do you do if you break an arcade, who deals with these situations? 


When can I pay my bill? - Make sure that you set a clear date from the beginning to which you would make the advance or the remaining balance. That's not to get up with unpleasant surprises; 



Can you handle the whole wedding? - it's much more comfortable. A company to take care of all aspects, from the bride's bouquet, to the arrangements on the tables.