Groom's Expenses

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  • The wedding ring

  • The marriage license

  • the bride's flowers ( the bridal bouquet if she wears a bridal gown, or a corsage. Going-away corsage may be the heart of the bridal bouquet, or supplied separately )

  • His own, the ushers boutonnieres, and that of his father

  • Corsages for his mother and grandmothers

  • The ushers gloves, ties, and collars

In large formal weddings the bride's flowers and those of the bridesmaids are considered part of the entire wedding expense and thus borne by the bride's parents. It is becoming customary however for the groom to send the bride's bouquet, though she selects it, and to provide, of course, his own and the best man's and the ushers .........

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Expenses of the Bride's Parents


Expenses of the Bride's Parents, Las Vegas Florist

  • Engraved invitations and announcements

  • The bridal outfit and, though it is no longer expected, the costumes of the bride's attendants if money is no object

  • Bridal photographs

  • The bridal consultant and social secretary, if needed

  • The bride's trousseau

  • The bride's household trousseau

  • All the cost of the reception

  • Flowers for the reception and church

  • Corsages for the bride's mother and grandmothers

  • Flowers for the bride, her attendants, her father's boutonniere

  • The groom's wedding ring if they are to have a double ring ceremony

  • Music at the church and at the reception

  • Sexton's and organist's fee. ......

  • ...
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The Ceremonies of Life

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Every life, even that in a primitive society, has its ceremonies great and small, religious and non-religious. All people everywhere rightly make a ceremony of marriage. They proclaim it publicly with a variety of rituals devised to impress its enormous importance on the hearts and minds of the participants and witnesses. All marriages should be solemn and well-proclaimed, with the vows exchanged in a dignified, suitable setting. Od all life's ceremonies that of marriage is the most touching and beautiful. Madame de Stael wrote, "Without marriage there is no happiness in love.". Love seeks completion and the protection of marriage and the family. Whether the bride wears a lovely bridal gown or simple cotton frock makes, of .........

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