21 Oct 2018 TOP 5 reasons why women love flowers and deserve to receive them

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The winter holiday season has been and will remain, every year, a pretext to show others that you care about them. However, we do not always know how to show others how much we love them. Women seem to be doing better in this chapter and express their feelings with more naturally. Men, on the other hand, appear more lethargic in expressing their feelings and falling into the trap of excessive rationalization. For example, many men avoid giving women flowers because they consider the plants unnecessary, they wither and die. Is not it better to give them a shopping voucher? >>> read more

19 Oct 2018 When Does the Bride Take the Groom's Arm?

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In the wedding ceremony, although the groom takes a step or two forward to meet the bride and may take her arm to assist her to kneel, if that is part of the ceremony, optionally, the bride does or does not take the groom's arm or place her hand in his until the moment in the ceremony at which this is indicated >>> read more.

19 Oct 2018 When Does the Groom Kiss the Bride?

kiss the bride and groom, las vegas florist, VIP Floral Designs, flowers las vegas, flower delivery in las vegasAt-large formal church weddings, it is not usual for the groom to kiss the bride at the altar after the clergyman has congratulated the couple at the end of the ceremony. But if the couple is to receive in the church vestibule or if the marriage takes place at home, the groom always kisses the bride immediately following the ceremony, as no one may kiss the bride before he does >>> read more.