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For the new year, VIP FLORAL DESIGNS offers bouquets and spectacular floral arrangements, full of delicacies, both stylistically and chromatically. This year, the most popular flowers that will steal the bouquets and floral arrangements will be roses, white tulips, hydrangea, and the Blushing Bride protector.


From a chromatic point of view, the trends remain concentrated on pastel shades, such as yellow straw, lilac, rose powder. They create a delicate, feminine and refined image. Next to these hues is the color of the year declared by Pantone, "green", a shade of green that emanates freshness, energy, and vitality. With these shades, VIP FLORAL designers create special floral bouquets and arrangements that, through their beauty and vitality, bring a feeling of well-being and optimism to any addressee.



In 2018, floral trends are not just about floral bouquets and arrangements, but also about the benefits that flowers and plants bring to our lives. The daily dose of oxygen, well-being and positive energy are just some of the benefits that flowers bring to their everyday life. That is why bouquets and floral arrangements do not only serve as decor but can create a true sanctuary for spiritual health. In 2018 there are four essential trends, synthesized by four concepts of life: harmony, energy, balance, and rebellion.



Plants and flowers are a true oasis of energy and oxygen for every day. That's why it's important that they surround us, both in the office and at home. With the help of nature, the space where we do our work becomes a creative one, where we will feel free and inspired. This state can be created by using plants with green leaves and geometric shapes such as aspidistra and shooting to bring more volume and color to the room.


Humor and good mood are two essential ingredients of life that VIP FLORAL DESIGNS use in bouquets and floral arrangements. In floristry there are no rules, so each bouquet and arrangement has its own personality. Sometimes the personality of the bouquets can be extravagant, full of color and volume, a manifesto for freedom and rebellion. Flowers suitable for such arrangements are shooting, protea and pink mini pineapple. Color combinations can be varied - strong yellow, pink or orange, it is important that in the end, the bouquet or floral arrangements make us smile.


For our designers, it is important to create a complete sensory experience when creating bouquets and floral arrangements. The energy of each bouquet or floral arrangement must be beneficial, it must bring balance and well-being. It is important that in each house there are floral arrangements that bring nature as close as possible to the soul, which balances the energies and provides peace. One of the resolutions of this year is to surround ourselves as often as green plants with tropical air - such as palm trees, bonsai, yucca or monster - to bring freshness and vitality to the room. These tropical green shades can be combined with delicate and calming pastels of flower bouquets to create a harmonious and positive picture.



They have been, are and will always be the best way to conquer a woman's heart. About flowers is all about and is a true fact. Whether they prefer more sophisticated gifts or enjoying little attention, when they receive flowers, all women are truly delighted.


If you are wondering what a bouquet of flowers makes them react, here are 3 reasons why women love so much to receive flowers:


1. Flowers have a positive effect on the psyche


It has been scientifically proven that flowers are growing good mood. Their colors and perfume have an incredible effect on mood, contributing effectively to people's well-being. That's why, when she receives a bouquet of flowers, a woman feels happier, more optimistic, but even more self-confident.


2. Flowers make them feel special


When you go home with a bouquet of flowers, you show that you have thought about it during the day and this will surely enjoy it. But you can make it even more special if you really want to surprise it.


You can order flowers online and send them to your workplace. She will feel loved and appreciated, and her work colleagues will certainly find her lucky. With the delivery services offered by VIP FLORAL DESIGNS, the bouquet will arrive it in just 3-4 hours, so you can always be spontaneous.


3. Flowers are full of symbols


Each flower has a meaning, a special symbol. If you know what flowers they prefer, look for the symbols behind them and surprise them with a message about them. Or you can do the opposite. Look for the flowers that symbolize what you want to convey and make sure she finds out why you chose those flowers.


With a bunch of pink roses, for example, you can thank them for anything you are grateful for. The red flowers will obviously say "I love you!" Which she will receive with even greater joy.



These are just three of the reasons why women love to receive flowers and be surrounded by flowers. They will always appreciate the gentle gesture of a gentleman to offer flowers, so why not make this gesture, knowing that you will shine their day?



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