TOP 5 reasons why women love flowers and deserve to receive them

Not. Flowers have been, are and will be loved by women. Flowers are everywhere, almost every corner of the street, but also in online stores. In addition, some of them look incredibly well, and the way the bouquets are made turned into a real art, as we see at VIP FLORAL DESIGNS. Here are the five reasons why we, women, love flowers and deserve to receive them from others: 1. We love flowers because they are "useless" Men tend to use "futility" as an argument for not buying and giving flowers to women. But just the practical uselessness of flowers causes us to love them so much. We like to know that if you spent a small amount of money to offer a bouquet of flowers, you did not for their practical utility, just because you wanted to see us smiling. 2. We think the flowers reflect what we are Even if we risk appearing superficial, that's what we really believe: the fact that flowers reflect what we are and how we are perceived by others. If the life partner gives us flowers that we know are very cheap, we will think of us as being worthless. So we can afford to give men advice: since you do not give us flowers every day, but only on certain occasions, do not be grumpy! 3. We love them because they stop time for a moment We know that many men seem to be counterproductive, but we, women, like to look at the flowers from time to time. We like to spend a minute or two, a few times a day, to admire them and feel their smell enticing. Flowers have the unique ability to stop time in place. 4. We like to remember the way we got them The presence of the flowers reminds us of those who gave it to us, the words were spoken in those moments and the joy of the joy that took us at the time. Flowers are a sure way to attract a woman's attention and make her remember you every time you admire it. 5. Because we deserve it! Flowers make us feel loved and appreciated, and those who love and appreciate us should give them at least once in a while. Because every one of us deserves it!